Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Snapshot of My Day

Coming back from California was such a relief - at least until we got inside the front door! The contractor hired by our landlord to do re-modeling work had begun a big project and then left the place in shambles. Plus, our kitties had been bad while we were away. So, our homecoming was a shock to our systems. Our house felt unliveable. It has taken quite awhile to get back on track, but I think we are there now (the contractor hasn't been back to finish the project...).

So, it was the first day of school yesterday in our area. My firstborn began High School. My son began his first day with Utah Virtual Academy, an online charter school alternative to regular public school. It is an excellent program but requires many hours of work on my part. So, my day yesterday went something like this...

Early rising.
Stretching and weight training
Breakfast preparation for husband and daughter.
Kitchen clean up.
Get dressed.
Curry the kitties.
Clean the litterbox.
First load of laundry.
Wake the son.
Breakfast preparation.
Kitchen Clean up.
Start the son on UTVA, Welcome Assembly online
What the heck?! Computer problems, audio not working!
Troubleshoot with Tech Department, takes 1 1/2 hours!
Calm the troubled son.
Problem finally resolved.
Start the son on Orientation videos.
Put on make-up, fix hair.
Watch rest of Orientation videos myself.
Balance mentoring my son with family business phone calls.
Hang 1st load of laundry out to dry.
Begin 2nd load of laundry.
More schooling of son.
More phonecalls.
Before we know it, it is 2 p.m.
Husband comes home for short interim to conduct personal business on phone.
Prepare lunch
Eat lunch.
Clean Kitchen.
Put chicken in oven to roast.
More schooling with son.
Calm his troubled nerves about missing Assembly.
More troubleshooting with Tech/can't log attendance.
More important phone calls.
School is over for the day.
Bring in 1st load of laundry, folded.
Hang out 2nd load.
Begin 3rd.
More running up and downstairs.
Sarah comes home. Tells me all about High School.
Son's friend comes over.
Run an errand.
More important phone calls.
Sit down for first time and do nothing for 15 minutes.
Watch news while preparing supper.
Bring in 2nd load of laundry/hang 3rd.
Hand scrub kitchen floor/scour counters.
Eat supper/family scriptures
Make and pour brownies with daughter/two kinds, one gluten free
Try to convince son to take a walk for PE
Crying session/doesn't like how he looks
Finally leave for walk by myself
Talk to the Lord.
Return home for brownies with children.
Husband comes home.
Feed husband and discuss day.
Take quiet bath.
Bed (10:30).
Forgot to read the scriptures on my own today.

Whew! Hope I can keep up the pace today!

What does your day look like?

Make it a good one!